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What is Taping & Jointing? – by Tape and Jointing Contractors in Manchester

What is Taping & Jointing

Taping and Jointing is a trade designed for bringing plasterboard up to a standard that is ready for professional snag free decoration.

It was originally designed as an alternative to plastering. The basic difference between plastering and Taping and Jointing, is that when plastering an area we would apply tapes to all the joints in the boards. Then we would skim coat the whole surface of the plasterboard with plaster. If taping and jointing the same area, we would still tape all the joints then we would apply 3 coats of jointing compound to the joints only. Once these are dry we sand down the jointing compound to a perfect smooth surface.

“You could be the owner of the best property in the best area but it might be of much value unless you maintain and support it. Commercial, personal, and industrial, all construction spaces should get Tape & Jointing in Manchester by professional Contractors.
by Drywall Machines Ltd

Taping and Jointing CONTRACTORS MANCHESTER | All you need to know about Tape and Jointing in 2022 | What is Taping & Jointing?

The “Taping & Jointing” is designed to give you seamless jointing of tapered edge plasterboards and can be used on all flat, internal and external corner joints. It is a great alternative to plastering because it is much more time and cost effective.

The technique for tape & jointing includes the application of special jointing tape over the join of a flat or internal corner. Two coats of joint filler and a finishing coat of joint cement, which gives the joints a smooth, seamless finish. The result is a flat drywall ready to be painted.

Benefits of this process, compared with plastering, include speed and cleanliness because material is only applied to joints, which is a fraction of the material that is commonly used in plastering. Another added benefit is that tapers & jointers can work on a site at the same time as other tradesmen, another reason why projects can be competed more quickly.

For professional taping & jointing services you can turn to Drywall Machines Ltd as we have established ourselves as a trustworthy specialist company. Our primary goal is to do our job properly, finishing on time and on budget and keeping you satisfied.

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