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Partitions Services

1st fix –

Under this meaning specialist knows that building of partitions is required, sometimes suspended ceilings need doing as well in one go, all depends on site specific requirements.

But before building partitions Fixers need to do a setting out of the area, which is the number 1 important job in Drywall. Only experienced and qualified Dry-Liners must do it, otherwise mistakes on 1st fix could lead your project in to delay and loss of profit.

Number 2 importance is to keep all specs and details provided by the Architect and Project Design Team. Every project is slightly different in specs and details, but all of them got common basic rules.

During this stage you might need to do some additional works such as steel beam and steel column encasements which will be required for Fire Protection purposes. There are different specs and requirements for these works and we always double check specs before start. Also there might be additional requirements to fix pattresses as per layout provided by the Architect.

Reliable team of Dry-Liners on 1st fix will make your project less stressful and more profitable.

2nd fix – 

Some people call it 2nd side boarding or 2nd side closing, different names but finish is the same.

So we are coming to another stage of the project, where you need to close all partitions built on 1st fix and sometimes you would need to complete some remedial works from 1st fix because of the numerous reasons why some walls could not be completed. It could be safety reasons or M&E issues, where some other trades needed access after 1st fix.

At this stage you might need to do some additional works such as steel column encasements, pipe boxings, window reveals, fix pattresses as per layout provided by Architect and other feature elements using appropriate materials

Other Services

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