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Suspended Ceilings Services

There are different types and various design specs for suspended ceilings. Common types are – MF and Grid. Also there are different feature elements such as soffits, troughs, bulkheads, margins, upstands and many more.

MF ceilings can be done in different ways using different materials and boarded with different types of boards where it can be Fire Protected, Soundproof or just for the purpose to reduce room height.

Most efficient MF system is – hangers, MF7, MF6 and MF5. This system allows you to drop down your ceiling to any height required and any area from small to extra-large.

Sometimes where you have no access to fix your hangers, there is possibility to use I studs to build suspended ceiling using appropriate materials. This type of ceiling can be done is Shaft Wall spec using Coreboards to maintain maximum Fire Protection. I stud ceiling can be applied to small rooms only, where Manufacturer Specs needs to be checked prior installation.

There are different situations where you have no space to fix hangers, in this case there is an option to use the GL system – Gypliner. This system will allow you to make a smooth and nice finish and can be jointed with other MF ceiling types.

Grid ceilings are lightweight and widely used in commercial areas. These ceilings can be installed at any height, following Manufacturers Specs and recommendations. It could be dropped using hanging wires to any height leaving any void above. Due to its lightweight it could be fixed to structural slab using a HILTI DX460 gun with special fixings in areas where you physically have no access due to M&E services. There are different types of tiles, grid trims and concealed grim system.

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