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Northern Quarter Office Refurbishment

Partitions – 2nd fix Boarding.

Another small job completed, ready to move ahead to do it again and again!

We like to do our job as best as possible to keep our clients happy!

Refurbishment works in Manchester City Centre. Part of NOMA project.

You can see some process of Resilient (Res) Bar – installation and boarding.

Tricky job to do and even now in 2021 not every Dry-Liner Fixer knows the score how to install this type of metal. Res Bars fixed to studs with sharp screws and while you are fixing boards to Res Bars, none of screws could hit the Studs. Sounds easy! But not for everyone…

Make sure that if you work from Scaffold – it is built correctly by competent person, preferably PASMA trained. Scaff tag is required on every scaffold, which must be checked and signed off regularly.

Using safety methods of work and COVID-19 safety measures in place.

Ongoing project in Manchester City Centre.

Setting out. What could be more important in Dry-Lining than correct setting out? Working on different projects means that you would see various types of drawings and there could be variations how to set out your walls. Some drawings would ask you to measure from board to board, others will be set metal to metal and other ones would ask to measure centre to centre.

Always refer to wall types drawings while doing setting out.

Bulkhead frame installations.

These types of dry-lining elements are widely used on every site. Mostly bulkheads needs to be installed to cover something or where suspended ceilings needs to be fixed on different height. Most of the bulkheads done for decorative purposes.

On some large projects bulkheads could be long metres in height, where additional structural fixings will be required to carry all the weight. These details must be checked carefully.

We are glad to carry on at refurbishment project in Manchester City Centre.

You can see some process of 1st fix – partitions framing installation.

Always follow site specifics to achieve best results and remember that every site is slightly different, so keep all paperwork while job is ongoing in safe place. Long term projects might have a lot of variations and sometimes these drawings could be very helpful.

Working in Manchester City Centre, always glad to be a part of Construction Industry, even when you are just a small part of it.

You can see some process of 1st fix – partitions boarding.

Nice and neat boarding will do a better finish and it will last longer. It is always better to spend extra second or even minutes to do a nice cut, rather than do something raw… Measure twice – cut once.

Keep your work place nice and tidy, especially when you finish.

COVID-19 safety measures in place.

Access floors letterboxes or service holes.

These types of under flooring letterboxes might be required depends on your project needs. This needs to be checked with fire strategy drawings and wall types acoustic requirements. I believe many fixers have seen letterboxes setting our drawing, where you need to do your 1st fix partitions and fit service holes before you start boarding.

Otherwise, if these drawings issued late… this could lead to lots of extra hours spent on rectification works.

Always check if there are any letterboxes requirements.